Welcome to Twenty Something Money

I’ve been reading personal finance blogs for the last couple years, and realized it was finally time for me to start my own. It seems most of the blogs are about married people with kids, struggling to pay off their mortgages, where my blog is slightly different — I’m a twenty something guy, who rents, and has no kids…

But I’m at the point in my life, where I’ve got my college degree, have a good job, and am now struggling to set a solid financial plan for the future. This blog is to keep track of where I am financially, and where I want to be.

I’ll be posting a couple times a week about my personal finance, debt repayment, as well as how life affects it all. Follow along by bookmarking or subscribing to the feed above!

Where I’m at Today

  • Student loan of ~$10,000
  • Retirement Fund of ~$28,000 (in a variety of stocks)
  • Tax Free Savings Account of ~$4,000 (liquid savings account)
  • No credit card debt (always pay off on time)
  • Bank account of $400 on average


  • Earn around $4,500 (before tax) / month from full time job
  • Earn about $75 / month from advertising on another website

Monthly Expenses

  • Rent for Studio Apartment: $975
  • Cable / Internet: $55
  • Cell Phone: $65
  • Misc Living (insurance, hydro): $50
  • Food, entertainment, savings, etc, take up the rest.

Where I Want to Be

  • Pay off my $10,000 student loan by the end of 2011
  • Save $10,000 by the end of 2011 (for retirement/down payment)
  • Buy a home in the next few years
  • Earn an additional $5,000/year from sources other than my full time job
  • Become financially independent and work for myself

My goal for 2011, is to get on track financially with a budget I can actually achieve, increase my savings (for a home down the road), and minimize spending on things I don’t really need.