iStock_000015803494XSmall-300x199I’ve been slowly working on getting rid of a bunch of stuff that has randomly made it into my apartment over the past few years. A lot of the stuff, either gifts, or impulse purchases, have been hiding away in cupboards for long enough and finally have either been given away or tossed — it feels good to get rid of this crap.

Now, I’m not like the hoarders on HBO, but I want to live a fairly minimal lifestyle. I’m doing all right at it, but I can always stand to get rid of some more stuff.

In the process, I’ve realized how much extra stuff I’ve bought, not knowing I already had it… probably cause its been hidden out of sight. I took a look under my bathroom sink, and found 6 tubes of toothpaste, 4 sticks of deodorant, and a few bottles of shampoo. Why? Cause when I’m grocery shopping and see the ‘save’ sign on it, I pick it up, because I never realized I had some left to begin with.

I’m trying to break this habit, and actually use what I have now. Same goes with the food in my cupboards and freezer — theres lots in it, but most of it needs to be eaten at some point.

And to top it off — I already bought it, so I can save money as I work my way through it, since I don’t have to buy new things. This is my goal for the rest of the month, is to slowly use/eat the stuff I already have. I’ll save money, and clear shelf space.

Can anyone beat my 6 tubes of toothpaste?