Career Progression

iStock_000004301781XSmall-300x199Since graduating school (the first time around) about 6 years ago, I’ve been fairly focused on my career and been agressive at learning new skills to move forward. I’ve always done pretty well in terms of job and pay, but for the last year or so its been a bit stagnant. I’ve explored the idea of jumping ship, and watched job boards, but stated to realize that even though I felt a bit ‘stuck’, I had it pretty good.

It seems the hard work hasn’t go un-noticed, and several changes happened at work over the past few weeks. I’ll be picking up a few new direct reports under me, along with a couple new programs, wider control over the bigger picture of these programs, and a new title. From a career advancement point of view, its a solid move up for me, and rumor has it — though still being confirmed — it will come with a bit of a pay increase too.

Add on top of that, I’m in the early stages of running a project I’ve been waiting a solid 4 years for… and it looks like its going to come to life in no time.

The paradigm shift for me now is, going from doing work, to managing people to do the work. As a type-A control freak, this is going to be an interesting change. But I figure its something I have to learn to move ahead. And for the career path I’m on, being able to understand and manage it, is much more important then physically executing it myself. It puts me in a postion where I can lead strategy, rather than execute tactically. (which, looks to be much more financially lucrative too over time).

I’m not one to really freak out, but this does push me out of my comfort zone a bit. Having the responsibility of people, not only in terms of assigning work, but helping them with their career growth too is a big step for me. But, I think I’ve learned enough over the years to at least give some wisdom now and again.

With this change, it helps me re-focus my resume around having solid management experience, along with overseeing some pretty sizeable projects. This advancement has given me what I need to stick around for another year or two at work… and continue to build up my resume even further, making me much more competitive when it comes to competing for the ‘next level’ of jobs elsewhere.

Until then… its a welcome change, and we’ll see in time how it works out. But I’m fairly optimistic on this one, as I think it’s going to work out really well.