How to Find Cheap Car Insurance Online


If you’re looking for cheap car insurance online, there are many ways to find it. However, the most effective way it to do two simple searches. The first search is for “car insurance companies” and the second search is for “auto insurance agents” in your local area.

These searches should yield a number of websites you can go to to get a quote or to contact someone from a local office. This will help you find a low-cost insurance policy but first, you have to know what you’re looking for (make sure you get auto insurance comparison quotes).

Before you search for an insurance provider, you should know what type of policy you need. First, you need to meet your state’s requirements, which should be known by any insurance company operating in your state. You also may need to meet the requirements of your lender.

If you financed or leased your vehicle, your lender may have certain requirements when it comes to the type of insurance coverage you need. You can check the documents you received from your lender which you got your car. If the information is not on those documents contact your lender. Usually, they want you to have collision and comprehensive coverage.

After you determine your insurance needs you can start looking for cheap car insurance online. Start by getting online quotes from the major insurance companies. Then you can look at quotes from smaller companies and contact local agents.

By looking at the prices quoted by the major insurers, you can determine if you’re really getting a good price for the policy you need. If the difference between the policies is negligible, you may be better off going with a larger insurer, especially if provide good customer service.

After comparing the prices, you should have a list of insurance companies you can check out. You should look at review and gather information about the company and how it handles claims before you make your final decision.

3 Easy Ways To Fit In 10 Minutes Of Exercise (15)

We all know that regular exercise is essential for good health and weight management. However, since most people find it difficult to find the time to exercise (shouldn’t be as difficult as getting permanent life insurance cost), we will now look at a few easy ways that you can get exercise throughout the day.

The first tip is that you should have a timer that buzzes once every hour. When it buzzes, you should stop what you’re doing and do 20 jumping jacks. This is a great way to get in some exercise throughout your day and it will definitely add up.

Another tip is that you should use your lunch break to get in at least 10 minutes of exercise. You can do so by going for a walk or even a short jog. It will not only help you to get your heart rate up but it can help to clear your mind, reduce your stress and help you to improve your focus at work.

Finally, the last tip is that once you go home from work, you should try to get some exercise before you start preparing dinner or watching TV. Of course, you can go to the gym or you can simply do a few body weight exercises such as push ups, pull ups, lunges, squats and high knees for 2 minutes each.


iStock_000015803494XSmall-300x199I’ve been slowly working on getting rid of a bunch of stuff that has randomly made it into my apartment over the past few years. A lot of the stuff, either gifts, or impulse purchases, have been hiding away in cupboards for long enough and finally have either been given away or tossed — it feels good to get rid of this crap.

Now, I’m not like the hoarders on HBO, but I want to live a fairly minimal lifestyle. I’m doing all right at it, but I can always stand to get rid of some more stuff.

In the process, I’ve realized how much extra stuff I’ve bought, not knowing I already had it… probably cause its been hidden out of sight. I took a look under my bathroom sink, and found 6 tubes of toothpaste, 4 sticks of deodorant, and a few bottles of shampoo. Why? Cause when I’m grocery shopping and see the ‘save’ sign on it, I pick it up, because I never realized I had some left to begin with.

I’m trying to break this habit, and actually use what I have now. Same goes with the food in my cupboards and freezer — theres lots in it, but most of it needs to be eaten at some point.

And to top it off — I already bought it, so I can save money as I work my way through it, since I don’t have to buy new things. This is my goal for the rest of the month, is to slowly use/eat the stuff I already have. I’ll save money, and clear shelf space.

Can anyone beat my 6 tubes of toothpaste?

Small Change = Big Bucks

iStock_000006518022XSmall-300x199Today I did something I don’t do very often… I got off my ass, and found the bucket I always throw my spare change in.

Personally, I hate carrying change around with me, so whenever I break a bill, everything else goes into the bucket when I get home. This means, when I make a $2 purchase, and pay with a $5 dollar bill, I have 3 bucks or so in change that starts piling up.

The good news is, when I finally counted it all, I have $351. Thats 1/3rd of a rent payment! I’m going to go cash this into the bank, and then throw the money onto my student loan. I figure its a nice way to use up the money that has just been sitting around – literally – collecting dust.

If you hate counting and rolling money like me, some of the Bank of Montreal locations now have change counting machines that are free. These machines save so much time, in that you just dump in your change, it counts it, then issues a receipt that you take to the teller to cash out.

For a very lazy weekend, it turned out to be quite profitable.

Summer Cooking Challenge


One of my biggest budget busters has been my inability to eat at home… Mostly because I’m lazy, and can’t really cook. So this summer, I’m going to try to change it.

At least once each week, I’m going to go out of my way to make something brand new. This is not only good for the budget, but its probably a lot better and more healthy for me. I figure the internet offers more than enough step-by-step recipes & videos, that even someone like me could cook something edible. As I find something I’m able to make — and like — I’ll add it to the list, and hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll have enough different meal ideas to last me a while.

This is a big challenge for me, as ever since I moved out on my own, I’ve never been big on cooking. Opening the pre-packaged stuff, frozen food from Costco, or the simple meals have been staples in my life… now that I’m done school, and have all the free time in the world, I figure should work on improving that.

Of course, eating at home isn’t just about the budget, its also better food. I’ve been steering away from typical fast food — Burgers, fries, pizza — to “better” fast food, like Sushi and indian food, but even that isn’t the best. Cooking and eating at home will let me see, and control, exactly what I put in my body.

Sounds simple enough…?